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Ian Thomas
Chartered Forester

Independent Forestry and Land Use Consultant

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The Consultancy is run by Ian Thomas, a Chartered Forester & Chartered Environmentalist with over 30 years' experience of woodland creation projects in the UK.

Our practical experience of Upland Livestock Farming and Estate Management enables us to successfully integrate woodland creation projects into an existing land use mix. A practical understanding of Farming issues is vital to the success of any woodland creation design.

This practical knowledge is complemented by the use of the latest technology including: Arcmap GIS & Survey software, Drone Survey and Prospect Forest Visualisation software.

The Consultancy offers a personal service and value for money. Work is undertaken for an agreed fixed fee with no markup on establishment operations. Every aspect of the project is explained in non-technical terms appropriate to the client. We are also flexible in relation to the scope of our involvement in a project which may be limited to design consultation and grant application, or it could take in the whole project from inception to trees in the ground. Key projects recently undertaken have included project design, EIA and successful grant application for Doddington in Northumberland which was the biggest productive woodland established in England in the last twenty years.

Ian is listed as a project developer for Woodland Carbon Projects on the UK Woodland Carbon Code website which is a Forestry Commission Scheme.

Around 60,000Ha of Land Management Plans, Long Term Forest Plans and Woodland Management Plans have been undertaken for both the Private and State Forestry sectors, and drawing up Plans to maximise the multi-purpose benefits of Forestry or bring woodland into active management remains one of our core strengths. In many cases the management of existing woodland can complement the development of new woodlands.

If you would like help with your project or would like to explore your land management options then please contact Ian on

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