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   3D Landscape & Terrain Analysis is a UK Consultancy providing professional backup and support services for Land Management Professionals across the UK.

Land Agents    Forestry Managers    Landowners
Landscape Architects
Local Government     Environmental Consultants can provide the following practical applications for 3D Landscape simulations and terrain analysis:

3d aerial 1 3D Landscape simulations and terrain analysis allows the impact of Land Management decisions to be assessed in a cost effective and impartial way. This enables Land managers to explore all possible options, and to present their proposals in an authoritative manner.

The software used generates images without bias, giving you a presentational product with enhanced credibility. The perception of impartiality means that 3D landscape images can be very persuasive and influential in decision making. The less subjective nature of the product will also assist the Land Manager in making well-informed decisions based on full information on possible outcomes.

The results of felling and restocking proposals can be created for a range of Forest Management scenarios.

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The base terrain model can be overlaid with maps, aerials photos, or any other rendering.

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Fly-throughs can be generated to enhance the viewing experience.

Other services available include an analysis of lines of site, both in profile and in map format (Viewsheds). This allows Land Managers to determine how visible proposals will be in the surrounding landscape; or conversely the potential extent of views available from sites that may be currently screened.

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Slope analysis can create a simple map showing the extent of slopes set to a selected angle. This can help with managing all terrain vehicle site access, or assist in identifying potentially unstable slopes when overlaid on an existing soil map.

Slope map

Catchment areas can be analysed to identify and quantify the land areas feeding into identified points. This can help to identify or optimise water sources; or be used to highlight key areas above a water supply that may be vulnerable to pollution.

Catchment map

The options available are much wider than described above, and the turnaround on these projects is rapid and cost effective.

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