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   GIS Mapping Services is a UK Consultancy providing professional backup and support services for Land Management Professionals across the UK.

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Land Managers are familiar with the advantages of using GIS (Geographic Information System): As with all high tech solutions there is a steep, and constantly moving, learning curve that needs to be negotiated to allow you to utilise these systems to your full advantage. Many land managers do not have the time to commit to learning and updating these skills.

One solution is to employ a dedicated GIS technician, but in many instances the overheads associated with this approach make it an expensive option. Outsourcing digital mapping to someone who understands the end product that you require may be more cost effective and flexible.

In larger organisations already employing GIS, there are times when new work appears unexpectedly and cannot be fulfilled within deadlines. can help you take on new opportunities, within your resources and budget. uses the latest Arcview 9 software that allows you access to cutting edge technology without buying the software or reading the manual.

Arcview is the industry standard for Land Management GIS, and is used by the Forestry Commission, SNH and many other environmental, forestry or land management organisations. This allows for rapid exchange of digitised information with the Forestry Commission. This includes submission of the finished product to the FC, or utilising data provided by Government organisations. All the widely used mapping software can import the information generated by Arcview.

The information produced for you by is completely transferable to your own systems or to alternative consultants. This allows you to remain flexible in how, and when, you use your own or other resources. Maps can be tailored to your specification to reflect your own brand and logo.

GIS mapping is central to the creation of Long Term Forest Plans; Deer Management Plans (DMP); Moorland Management Plans; Land management options (LMOs) and applications for: Rural Development Contracts (RDCs); English Woodland Grant Schemes (EWGS); Better Woodlands for Wales (BWW); Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA); Felling Licences; IACS registration; and other Environmental Schemes.

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