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   Survey / Aerial Coverage is a UK Consultancy providing professional backup and support services for Land Management Professionals across the UK.

Land Agents    Forestry Managers    Landowners
Landscape Architects
Local Government     Environmental Consultants can undertake survey & mapping for forestry inventory and environmental purposes.

The survey information is integrated into Arcview GIS. This enables the rapid production of hard copy maps, and the creation of transferable digital data. The GIS software allows the spatial data to be analysed to pick out trends or identify underlying factors. When the spatial data is presented in map form there are a range of display options that can clarify relationships and trends.

The UK has a good coverage of aerial “off the shelf”, digitised, high-resolution images. These images when used in conjunction with GIS offer a very cost effective way of surveying land. An element of ground truthing or local knowledge is still required in most instances, but the aerial information allows this to be targeted. This minimises time and cost.

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Utilising aerial coverage is ideal for surveys to identify: provides you with an accessible survey, inventory or mapping resource which can be integrated into any stage of a project, enabling you to create professional presentations of spatial data and trends.
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